Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Publication day! The world's first crazy golf cosy crime?!

It's publication day for my new cosy crime novel, FOUL PLAY AT THE SEAVIEW HOTEL published by Headline in ebook and hardback. The paperback will be published on December 7. 

Could it be the world's first crazy golf cosy crime?

A murderer plays a killer game when a team of obsessive crazy golfers arrive at Helen Dexter's Seaview Hotel to compete in a tournament held in the seaside town. 

The ruthless team captain aims to win by fair means or foul... then the rival team captain is murdered. 

It's the third in the Seaview Hotel series of books, which were shortlisted for Best New Crime Series in the Dead Good Readers Awards 2022 with Richard Osman and Val McDermid at Harrogate International Crime Festival. 


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Sunday, July 30, 2023

New & Updated! North Bay Adventure Golf in Scarborough

The crazy golf course on the North Bay in Scarborough is one of our favourite courses, ever. It's in our happy place of Scarborough and has always been a wonderful course. You can read our earlier reviews here. 

However, after many years of neglect after a massive storm forced seawater onto the course, it became difficult, if not impossible to play. The course wasn't looked after and was going downhill - as well as uphill, side to side, well, you get the gist. We still loved playing it, though!    Now it's been taken over by a new company who have updated the course whilst still retaining the character of this great course.

The location is superb of course, and it's what makes it for me (Flaming Nora). Right on the beach at Scarborough's north bay overlooking the sea, the castle, and waving at the little train that goes by along the cliff top too.  I love it a lot.

Here are some pictures taken today when we played a round.  The updated course now includes an outdoors cafe and bar area too.  One addition I particularly liked, when writing the scores on the score sheet, were the barrels at each hole to rest on while writing scores.  You can also put your drinks and handbags there too while playing.

What's been lost in the upgrade to the course, however, is the chalkboard on the side of the hut to record your name and score.  But on the whole, a great update that keeps the original character of the course.


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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

NEW! Coronation Park Miniature Golf, Beamish Museum, County Durham

Beamish museum in the north east of England is one of my favourite places to visit. A new addition to the outdoor museum is the 1950s town complete with a brand new miniature golf course.  I visited today, but sadly, didn't play as I was on my own. However, this means that Sunny Jim and I will no doubt return and play the lovely little course and blog about it in the future.

Each hole on the course is named after a northeast landmark such as Penshaw Monument and Lindisfarne.  And in true 1950s style, it's designed to look as if the council maintain it and it's been let go a bit. It's wonderful!

Here is the score card, which the lady in the kiosk let me take away with a small pencil too. "People usually just nick them," she said as she handed them over to me.

Some wonderful old retro signage help complete the look to this 1950s mini golf course.

And here is the kiosk, it's only £2.50 per game.

Definitely well worth a return visit with Sunny Jim for a game on this smashing new / old course.

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Saturday, July 1, 2023

Frosty Penguin's Putting Adventure, Coatham Redcar

A day out to Redcar on the Teesside coast beckoned. Neither Flaming Nora (me) nor Sunny Jim had visited the seaside town of Redcar since we were kids so it was high time we went.  We played the brand new Frosty Penguin's Putting Adventure at the Coatham end of the Esplanade. A short walk from Redcar central train station.

First impressions were great. The course was so new it was like playing on freshly-laid carpet, so give your ball plenty of speed on the course.   Entry was £8 per person, equivalent (we were told) to the course at Stokesley in Yorkshire, one we haven't yet paid.  This course has 18 holes and it was money well spent, good value for such quality.  The location is perfect too, right on the beach.

This new course in Redcar is owned and run by the same people who own and run the crazy golf course in Saltburn, just a short journey down the coast. We've played the course at Saltburn once or twice before and you can read about our games here.

The theme to Frosty Penguins putting adventure, as you can see, were, er, frosty penguins. Plus polar bears and seals. It was high quality stuff and a great deal of fun to play.  Scroll down for some pictures and the final score.

Final score was a draw! Flaming Nora and Sunny Jim both scored 59.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Inverness Crazy Golf

Arrived in Inverness last week for a few days holidays in the Scottish Highlands. 

We headed straight for the crazy golf once we knew there was a course beside our hotel. 

What a fantastic course! 

In good condition with great game play it's in the classical style. 

And you can play all day if you want to. 

Very friendly too with plans to expand.

It made me (Flaming Nora) remember the classic crazy golf courses from my childhood and brought back some wonderful memories. This was a really special, lovely course. Enjoyed it a lot.

The final scores were Sunny Jim 45, Flaming Nora 64.


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Monday, May 15, 2023

Ocean Drive Crazy Golf, Filey in Yorkshire

In Filey for a long weekend while Crazy Golfer Glenda Young (aka Flaming Nora) was invited to take part in the Filey Literature Festival and Filey Book Fair, to promote her cosy crimes set in Scarborough. Read about them here!

We played the crazy golf course on the sea front, which is in a stunning location, right by the sea.  

The course has recently been re-laid, we have played it before in the past, but this time it was smoother and was a really nice, fun game.

Final scores were Sunny Jim 24 and Flaming Nora 26.

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Friday, April 28, 2023

Crazy golf novel to be published in September


My crazy golf cosy crime set in Scarborough, Foul Play at the Seaview Hotel is published in September by Headline at 

Glenda Young 


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