Friday, April 24, 2015

Lost World Adventure Golf - The Scores

You've probably already read the description of the course here but what about the result?

We played the red course first. It's par 23 and Glenda went round in 28, Barry in 30. Glenda got a hole in one on hole 9.

Next the par 28 blue course. Glenda scored 32 and Barry 24 and we both got a hole in one.

SO, Glenda won on the red course and Barry won on the blue course,If we look at this as one 18 hole round then Barry wins 54 to Glenda's 60. But let's just call it a draw.

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Lost World Adventure Golf in Tynemouth

To the Lost World Adventure Golf in Tynemouth Today. If you can manage to push your way through the buggies and yummy mummies in the cafe, it's a cracking course of two seperate nine hole courses, so you can either play one nine hole course or a full 18 holes. We did them all!

The course is in a lovely position in Tynemouth Park and just off the sea-front.  The cost was £4.50 per adult for the whole 18 holes or £3 per adult for 9 holes. 

All the water warnings were there... but I still managed to get a good soaking. And judging by the screams from the other golfers around the course, I wasn't the only one. It all added to the fun.
Here's Barry being, er, attacked by an, er, dinosaur. Note the orange fluoro ball!

Yes, that's Barry's orange fluoro ball in the water. We both ended up with our balls in the water (and that's not a euphemism) on different holes and there were lots of fishing nets to get the balls out of the ponds.

Roar! More scary dinosaurs.

At the end of the course there was a 'get the ball in the hole to win a prize' final hole.  My ball went awol but Barry won.

And all the winners then get to spin the wheel to determine what kind of prize you are awarded. Barry won a 4th place prize...

And the prize was a plastic dinosaur!  Worn out by all that crazy golf we headed back to North Shields and a lovely pint in The Magnesia Bank.


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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Crazy Golf in Ostend, Belgium

In 2009 we visited Ostend in Belgium for a long and lovely weekend. We're big fans of Belgium as well as being big fans of Crazy Golf.

The Crazy Golf course in Ostend is situation in the Leopoldpark and its website is here.

It's a beautiful course, very nicely landscaped in the middle of a pretty park.  And when you've played a round of golf, you can relax and refesh with a Belgian beer in the bar.  Yes, a crazy golf course with a bar. In Belgium. Who could want for more?
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Crazy Golf at South Shields, Sunday 19th April 2015

We went out for our first Crazy Golf game of the year today at Smugglers Cove in South Shields. Barry won.

This is our nearest course and so we've played it quite a few times. It's situated on the sea front at South Shields next to the amusement park and across the road from South Marine Park, famous for its boating pond and miniature railway.

The surface has been renewed quite recently and is still in excellent condition. It's £4 a round for adults and I guess it's cheaper for children but let's face it it's a game for grown ups really.

There are no really tricky holes on it and with a bit of practice and on a good day, 10 or more under par should be possible. There are only a couple of holes which lend themselves to being hole-in-one material.

Two Crazy Golfers - who are we?

This is a new blog by two crazy golf fans, Glenda and Barry who live in the north-east of England.

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You can read her blog post all about the crazy golf and mini golf courses in Scarborough.

Barry blogs at Seaside Scenes and is on twitter @SunnyJimBaz as well as being a regular contributor to the Coronation Street Blog.  He also wins almost every crazy golf game we play.