Monday, May 25, 2015

Crazy golf in Scarborough - the one we didn't play

This was a crazy golf course that we didn't play this holiday to Scarborough.  It's situated in the North Bay and that large brown building you can see top right of the photograph is the North Riding pub.  If you like real ale and proper beer, you'll love the North Riding.

But anyway, back to the golf.

The reason we didn't play this crazy golf is that we've done it before and were left very disappointed. The holes are nice and colourful but they're all set on painted concrete bases, not on grass or astro turf or anything like that but concrete.  This means that no matter how soft or hard you hit the crazy golf ball, it just runs and runs and runs and runs...  it's infuriating and takes the fun out of the game.

So we gave this one a miss and went to the North Riding pub instead.


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Putting it about in Scarborough - Peasholm Park putting

This was a new one for us as we'd never played it together before. It's the putting green in Peasholm Park in the North Bay at Scarborough.

@Flaming_Nora remembers playing this as a child on family holidays.

It's a 12 hole game of putting so it's not crazy golf or adventure golf.  It's set in a gorgeous park with views out over the lake and beside the Buttercup Kiosk for ice-creams. We celebrated with an ice-lolly after playing a round.

If in any doubt, here's where you start playing.

And there were unexpected but very cute obstacles at Hole 10.

And the scores? @SunnyJimBaz won on this one by just 1 point.  Note that @Flaming_Nora got a hole in one (it was our only hole in one all weekend!) on Hole 5.


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Putting it about in Scarborough - Holbeck putting green

Holbeck putting green in the South Bay of Scarborough has an enviable position high on the cliff top. 

Have a look at an old picture of the site here.

It's situated over the road from the building used as the hospital in the TV show The Royal.

It's not crazy golf or adventure golf, it's a putting course in a beautiful location with views out to sea, the cliffs and the South Bay beach.  Truly lovely location for a spot of putting it about.  It's an 18 hole course and here are a couple of photos from our game there.

And the scores? @SunnyJimBaz won this one by just three points.


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Crazy golf in Scarbrough - The Sands

This was a fun 12 hole crazy golf course, situated in the North Bay in front of the Sands in Scarborough. 

It had a real air of 'home-made-ness' about it as you can tell from the pics. A nice little game.

Here are two pictures of two of the 12 holes.

And this picture shows an aerial view (*) of the course.

(*) not really, we were just up the bank.

And the scores?  @SunnyJimBaz won this one by just three points.


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Crazy golf in Scarborough - North Bay adventure golf

We're just back from a few days holiday in Scarborough where a wonderful time was had by all. We even managed to sneak in a few rounds of crazy golf

The first game we played was on the North Bay sea front, simply called Adventure Golf. This is, by far, our favourite course to play because it's quiet, peaceful, it has wonderful views of the North Bay and castle, it's been there forever and you can wave at the people going by on the North Bay railway train.

It's a proper, old fashioned crazy golf course, no gimmicks, just fun. This crazy golf course has been featured on CBeebies who voted it their favourite too. It's easy to see why. It's also the course used for the Yorkshire Championships. 

Here are some pictures of the views from the course:

And here are some pics from the course itself.

And the scores?  Well, @sunnyjimbaz won this one by 5 points.


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