Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ahoy me hearties! Pirate golf in South Shields

To South Shields for a game of adventure golf at the Smugglers Cove on the sea-front. It's a game we've reviewed on our website and one that we've played many times before.  It's the closest mini-golf game to our home, so as it was a nice sunny day today we thought we'd make the most of it and set out on the bus for the 20 minute ride. 

It's a 12 hole game, costing £4 per person (£3 for children and OAPs).  It's in a lovely spot right near the sea and opposite North Marine park which is worth a look in and if it's running, a ride on the mini steam train that runs around the park too.

The game is pirate-themed (why are so many crazy golf courses pirate themed? anyone know?). The course itself appeared to have been relaid with a new surface on each hole. This felt like walking on new carpet, quite spongy underfoot. It also meant that the playing surface was quite slow and it took a little bit of getting used to.

Most of the holes aren't particularly difficult but there are a couple of nasty things which can slow down play such as banks that you think the ball will go up more easily than it does!  Definitely a good course and one we'll be back to play next year when it reopens after the winter.

Sunny Jim 34.
Flaming Nora 38.
Loser bought fish and chips.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ahoy me hearties! Pirate mini-golf in Scarborough

To Scarborough (again! wahey!) for a weekend away. It was a gloriously sunny and warm early October Friday afternoon when we arrived and so we headed to the pirate adventure golf on the sea-front in the North Bay.

It's a course we have played a few times in the past but due to its popularity, it's quite difficult to get on the course some times so we haven't played it for a while.  We have often turned up to play there only to find the course full of families having fun and that's great, but it means a long, long, long wait for us two crazy golfers as we wait for groups of family and friends to crack on and get going ahead of us.

However, this sunny Friday afternoon we had the course to ourselves. Just us. Just the two of us playing a round on the pirate golf, it was marvellous!

 It's a 9 hole course and costs £4.50 per person which is a bit steep, admittedly. But there is the fun of lots of pirates all over the place, a hole (above) with running water in it to help the ball down the chute and two pirate rafts you have to stand on and pull yourself over to the other side of the course.

And then there's the "Yo-ho! Yo-ho!" song that goes on in the background which will ear-worm you for days.
The pirate golf is part of the sea-life centre in Scarborough and is well worth playing.

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