Tuesday, August 23, 2016

JD Golf Dome, Seaton Carew, Hartlepool

We took a trip to Seaton Carew on the Tees coast today. It's a seaside town that both of us had been to before, when we were kids, and we went back today for Glenda's birthday day out. Much fun was had including a chippy lunch in a great pub (The Marine Hotel) on the sea front and an ice-cream to follow, eaten by the magnificent, wide beach.

We also checked out the JD golf dome which we'd found about online.

It probably goes down as one of the most bizarre crazy golf experiences we've ever had - and we mean that in a good way, of course!

The golf dome is a short walk along the sea-front from central Seaton Carew. You can't miss it, it's huge. Inside, the crazy golf course, or golf trail as it's officially known, it was £4 each to play 10 holes.

The greenery isn't real, it's all plastic and the turf is artificial too. But it's a great surface to play on and being in the huge dome made the whole experience something very special indeed, if not a little odd. It was great fun with some tricky holes.

Each hole had two ways to play them - the easy way or the hard way, indicated by a yellow and blue dot at the start of each hole. 

We were also offered, when we went in, the choice of left or right handed clubs! This is something we've never been offered before, and was a first for us both.

All in all, a good game. The staff member was really friendly and helpful and there's a bar inside the dome too.

Final scores?  It was a rare win for Glenda with 31, Barry was on 33.

The website to find out more is at http://www.thesportsdomes.co.uk/thegolfdome/

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Putting it Together - a story of crazy golf

Glenda has a short story published in this week's The People's Friend magazine, on sale Weds 17 August 2016.

The story is called A Crazy Idea and it's about a woman who sets up her own crazy golf course on a patch of land she's been left in her uncle's will. 

It's a fun story that she really enjoyed writing and hopes you will enjoy reading it too.


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