Monday, September 28, 2015

Mini golf in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

A holiday without a round or two of crazy (or mini) golf just doesn't feel right. So whenever we go away we search around for somewhere to have a game or two. Before our recent trip to Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife we did a little research and found this site on the internet. We headed up into the hills above the old town to search for it but I couldn't remember the address, however I'd checked the place out before we went on Google streetview and soon recognised some landmarks which led us right there. Unfortunately they don't open until 10am and so we went and had a cafe con leche while we waited.

The wait was well worth it because it's an absolutely wonderful course. The setting is very pretty with the holes set in a lovely garden with palm trees, banana trees, pomegranate trees and other luscious vegetation making it one of the finest landscaped courses we've played on, on a par with the course in Leopoldpark in Ostend.

The 18 holes are in excellent condition with the artificial greens running very fast. A delicate touch is definitely required which took us a while to get used to. Most of the holes are fairly straightforward but the speed of the playing surface and a slightly smaller cup size then we're used to made some of the quite challenging. We still managed a few holes-in-one between us though.

There is also a bar and restaurant attached so after our initial morning visit we went back for another round one evening and had dinner there afterwards. With a late flight home and a checkout from our hotel at noon on the last day we found ourselves with a few hours to spare so what better way to end our stay in beautiful Tenerife that another trek up the hill and a final round and a couple of beers at Minigolfclub.

If you are in the area it is well worth a visit and can be found just down the hill from the Jardin Botanico (worth seeing as well) on the main road.


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