Saturday, March 25, 2017

Crazy golf in Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain

Just back from a few days spent on holiday in Alicante.  We never expected to find any Crazy Golf there and so it was a lovely surprise to stumble across this little gem.

It's in Parque infantil "Mundo de los niños" - and it has a website here.

It was a quick and easy course to play as it was meant for, er, children to play on, not adults. But did that stop us? No, it did not!  We had fun! I tell you, fun!

Loved the fact that every hole came with its own pen so you didn't have to carry a pen or pencil around the course in order to keep the score card updated.

There were lots of holes which had moving parts, which added to the childish fun too.

And this was wonderful (below). You had to hit the ball into a moving waterwheel. Once the ball went into the bucket of the waterwheel it was carried around and droppped out on the other side, ready to hit into the hole.
All in all, a good, fun course set on a lovely location by the marina in Alicante.
And the scorecards.  Barry won by 2 points.

You can also read about a game we played in Benidorm too.

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